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Thank you for bearing with me as I work through some emotions and things.  This project originated from a silly place, joking around with some of my old roommates about how many unbelievably fantastic ladies have come through my life this summer.  The first beat initially began as a sort of secret “I-wrote-a-song-for-you” jam for one such lady, but turned into a far more universal depiction of my feelings about a number of wonderful ladies.

In working on the second, it allowed me to express much of my own personal frustration with my useless state around girls I tend to develop feelings for.  Another vantage point, if you will, from which to view my feelings of overwhelmed-ness.

I decided to wrap it up with a nice round 3, because if I let this carry on, I could eventually find myself reclusing myself in my beats when I have no idea what to do regarding the honeys (which is often).  The third, however, addresses my platonic relationships with a number of ladies who are all great catches (for someone other than myself).  I sincerely value these ladies, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them.

Thanks once again to Judy Kim for allowing me the privilege of raiding her Instagram for photos to use for album art.  She’s a Summer Honey like none other, and has even been a catalyst for a number of Summer Honey introductions I’ve had this summer.  All her friends are inconceivably wonderful and gorgeous ladies.  All the beats are free for download.

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