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As a musician, I'm every bit as adventurous and multi-faceted as I am a designer. I've studied music as a craft, through several instruments, for over twenty years, and have been a purveyour for probably even longer. Eventually, I started investing my time and money in collecting records, and studio gear, and began producing and DJing. As a producer, I make experimental electronic music rooted in a hip-hop tradition. As a DJ, I play the music I believe matters. The following are my stories.

The Forest EP :)

RBMA Demo 2014 :)

RBMA Demo 2014 by Paul Chin on Mixcloud

Guest Mix for Noisey Canada :)

Remixes :)

Guest Mix for Fly High Radio :)

Motor City Samurai with Eli Colburn :)

Cosmonostro Releases :)

Love Letters :)

Boo Thang Mixtape Trilogy :)

Boo Thang Trilogy by Paul Chin on Mixcloud


The Summer Honeys Trilogy :)

Drop it like it's hot