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Last few hours of the Toronto leg of Ta-ku’s photojournalism world tour, post dinner & bubble tea with Elaquent.  It was an honour to get to kick it with these two this weekend.  Ta-ku and Elaquent are possibly the two producers, in the game today, most responsible for the way my career as a producer got started.  Full set here.

More from Ta-ku’s recent visit to Toronto.  Burger’s Priest, Evergreen Brickworks, Beverley School ball court.  Full set here.

Finally arrived in Canada, the adidasoriginals ZX Flux!  Managed to cop the first pair in the country before the store even opened!

Last stop before we hit the road, the bridge to the US for Bridge Fries & River Run watching.  Full set here.

Hit the lake for a quick dip before we rolled back to Toronto.  Full set here.

Went to Sarnia, after the wedding, to visit Josiah’s mom.  Always nice to see Tita Grace and the cats.  Full set here.

We should just dress up, all the time.  Full set here.

One of the best part of weddings is the assembly of all the different circles of humans from various corners of your life.  Full set here.

One of my roommates from university got married this weekend!  It was a really beautiful ceremony, and it was super lovely to see so many of our friends back together in the same place once more to celebrate with her.  We even had a full Wolf Pack reunion, marking the first time all 6 of us were in the same place at once since then!  More photos here.

First time visitor to Canada, Ta-ku in “The 6”, kicking it with the fam for dumplings.